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22 March, 2011


When I first started in the IT business there where very few who had cellphones. Normally it was the technicians that were on call during nights and long weekends. The phones were like small computers in size but the weight was considerably more than a computer today. It was lika carying a car abattery with a phone attached 🙂

Well we have come a long way from that time, the cellular stone age.

I was quite against being lured into the grasping arm of Steve Jobs and his iPads and iPhones, they were expensive, had bad cameras and didnt work that good with different Bluetooth devices.

But some how I got hold of an iPhone 3GS and everything changed. I suddenly discovered Apps the small programs that I didn’t even know that I needed. They were not that expensive and some were quite fun. Unfortunately some were addictive :-S

How can a grown man be totaly hooked by Angry Birds? The answer = easily!

The App industry have evolved and some of the Apps are now intelligent little programs that is useful in our day to day activities. How did I manage without them before?

When the time came to change phone I tried to go back to either an Android phone or a Windows Mobile 7 phone but that didn’t work. Android is quite okay but I think that the Apps in iTunes are more controlled and therefore better when they are released. I also am more in to the lighter display of the iPhone.

Windows Mobile 7 is an interesting platform and the phone is quite quick but, and this is a big BUT, there are not so many applications ready. For instance were is the Spotify app???

And I was fortunate enough to get hold of an iPhone 4 and fell hopelessly in love (again).

So now I’m hoked once again and now I will stay with Apple and my beloved iPhone 🙂

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