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12 July, 2011


At last I have got the iPad I wanted. Or I should say we because it’s the family’s iPad so….

However now I might find it easier to update my blogs and find it easier to sit by the TV and create whatever I feel like. It feels brilliant.

Why am I so exited then?
Because I am a succer for tech stuff? Naturally it’s so but it can’t be just that?

The iPad is an extraordinary piece of equipment. You can use it as a game board or follow whatever social network you want or follow any gossip on the web or scrible down blogs or use any number of mail applications. It’s the right stuff for me.

The iPad has what the iPhone lacks a larger interface but still retain the grace of the Apple phone.

But that’s just my opinion 🙂

I now understand Stephen Fry when he did his little video unpacking his iPad

Get one!!!

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